Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Foyer Progress

Woot!  Basement progress is continuing (more on that soon!), so our wireless network is back up and running and I can access pictures from the other computer.  So, now I can bring you these (which, by the way, are quite old). 

Back in November, I finally made my way to the Wood Shack, and it did not disappoint!  I really should have brought my camera and taken pictures of all the treasures they have there, but making your way through aisles of treasures (many of which are breakable!) with one child in arms and the other in tow makes stopping to snap shots somewhat difficult.  But, I did score this beauty for $35!

An architectural piece of molding, often used at the top of doorways in many older homes was the perfect piece for my coat rack.  It's beautiful, it's heavy (oak!), it already has beautiful moldings attached, it has plenty of space for coat hooks, and best of all, it's being recycled.  Sure, I could have gone to Target and picked up a coat rack fairly cheaply (which wouldn't have been nearly as beautiful) and sure, I could have gone and picked up wood to make my own.  But I liked being able to pick up an old piece of history, make it our own, and put it into our newer home, and hopefully in the process make it feel a little less like a tract home. 

After some light sanding (so that the paint would adhere better), two coats of paint and five coat hooks, we have ourselves a new rack!

All in all, not the cheapest make over (like I said, I know I could have done it cheaper) but it wasn't about doing it "cheap".  Up next, the bench!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Handmade Holiday

Tools are a frequent gift around here, both given and received, for the holidays.  We purchased a new Dremel set for my in-laws, and then we wanted to give them something else with it.  Derrick came up with the idea to do something handmade (also highly appreciated around here) and make it a father/son project.  They ultimately decided on a birdfeeder and went to work. 

The plan was found here (I'll be sure to update link once Derrick gives it to me).  One creative use for some of the leftover cardboard boxes from some of the online gift shopping we did was to make templates.  Derrick measured out the templates into the cardboard, but those out, and used those when marking out the wood cuts.  Now he has them ready to go to make more in the future (which are already planned). 

And here they are in action! 

Noah did most of the gluing himself
 Clamps on and waiting for the glue to dry!
 Noah giving me a demo after it was mostly assembled on how to get the seed in

 Noah painting (sans plexiglass) in very vibrant colors

 A few days after Christmas, I received an email from my mother-in-law with pictures of the feeder in their landscape.  She said they already had birds visiting!



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