Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the birthday list

It's been a few weeks.  Summer....the time of relaxation and more flexible schedules, right?  Ha!  Around here summer hit and things went crazy!  Between out of town trips for the hubs, and just juggling our already crazy schedule (my coaching, Noah's Tball and gymnastics, etc.) time for blogging just got away from me.

Another reason?  It's now June.  What is perpetually the craziest month of our year.  Both kids' birthdays, friend birthday parties, garden prep, house projects galore (that we're always trying to get done before the party, etc.).  So, without further ado, I thought I'd share the "pre-birthday party" list with you.  We've actually been crossing stuff off the list - I just haven't blogged about them yet!  Good news is that I do have stuff to share!

The Pre-Birthday Party List:

  1. Deck - clean and scrub down
  2. Gazebo sun shade (mostly done - a little clean-up to do)
  3. Flowers outside
  4. AC/Mulch area (just needs to be de-weeded and cleaned up a bit)
  5. Carpets cleaned (appt scheduled!)
  6. Paint family room
  7. Paint back of bookshelves
  8. Curtains (fabric samples ordered...decided to go another route)
  9. Deep cleaning
  10. Pictures hung and updated
  11. Lilah's dresser (might get pushed to the back burner because I had to add #14 thanks to miss Lilah)
  12. Baby clothes (we have bags given to us from friends since we got rid of a lot of our infant stuff)
  13. Rearrange attic (closely tied to #12)
  14. Lilah's nightstand (um, she decided to draw all over it with non-washable red marker. Did I mention that it's white?)
  15. Laundry room curtain
  16. Touch up playroom paint
  17. Touch up kitchen paint
  18. Touch up trim work
Some of these might be a miracle, to be honest, but this is typically how DIY goes, doesn't it?  Big lists and dreams and schedules that always take longer than we thought.  :-)  Back soon with some finished projects!


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