Friday, February 15, 2013

loooooonnnnnngggg break

Wow!  Did I drop off the face of the planet or what?  Meanwhile the pageviews on the blog have been crazy!  It turns out IKEA built-ins and painting a basement floor are popular projects.

SO much is going on here. I had a baby!

Isn't she lovely?  Harper Sage.  Born 4 hours after my water broke and was (surprise!) breech.  That was fun - though I strongly credit the fact that I do CrossFit with not having to push for very long.  Of course she's 5 months now and still sweet as can be.

And we're also going crazy with house projects.  I'll pick back up here but leave you with this teaser:

Yep, the carpet's coming out and floors are going in!  What a long process from start to finish - from picking the flooring to install (yes, we're doing them ourselves).  We're currently on day 52 of the install, but who's counting....

Back with details on how we picked the flooring next!


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