Tuesday, October 12, 2010

room by room: main floor floorplan

I thought it would be a good idea after unveiling the outside of our house to show you the inside, but as a floorplan.  I will unveil each room in time, but for now you can see the layout of our house and how it flows, as well as how we currently have it furnished (for the most part). 

This was made using floorplanner.com, and it was surprisingly easy to use.  As you can see, you enter into the foyer (marked Hallway), and the Office/Dining Room (which currently serves as my studio) is to the right.  If you were to go straight from the foyer you come into the main family/living room area.  This is the room with the large windows that overlook our backyard and all the trees we back up to.  There is a fireplace on the left as well as lots of built-in bookshelves and space for a large television, as well as the fireplace.

To the left from there is the Master Suite.  This room is currently really cluttered with furniture and I have big plans for this room!  To the right of the living room is our eat-in kitchen.  The Powder Room and stairs to the basement are tucked away in a small hallway (which also connects to the studio).  The stairs to the basement are conveniently located under the stairs leading upstairs.  Through the kitchen you can also access our laundry room and garage. 

The floorplan works well, for the most part, but is a bit akward as well.  For example, the way the family room is laid out....fireplace in the center of the wall, built-ins on either side, large entry into the kitchen, makes furniture placement somewhat difficult.  You want to see the fireplace, but also the tv.  You want the furniture placed well, but cannot block the flow of traffic from one room into another.  We have always struggled with furniture placement in this room. 

The laundry room is nothing but a tiny little hallway.  I can't get around the washer door if open, so it can be a bit of a pain.  This is one room that I'd love to see larger in our next home. A combo laundry/mud room, if you will.  A room we could also have as the dog's place of refuge (instead of my master closet floor)....

The colors on the floor indicate the actual colors of the walls (not the flooring).  Originally, the entire house was painted the taupe color, but we've since painted the dining/office when we moved my studio upstairs, as well as painted the kitchen a much lighter yellow to brighten up the space. 

So there it is!  The upstairs and basement will follow at a later time.  I'm really glad I did it also because I can see me wishing we had it after we're long and gone (just as I now wish I had done in our last two houses).  How about you?  Do you have a floorplan of your place you can refer back to? 


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