Thursday, March 29, 2012

cha cha cha cha changes!

I wrote this What a Difference post quite a while back, after an extended absence, but wow - it's been quite a while since then.  So. Many. Changes.

Initially, we wanted this house to be a bit of homestead to us, while also being a home.  Then, finding the kids' new school proved that we may, in fact, need to move and re-think those plans.  But, how quickly things change.

Turns out N didn't really love his school like we thought he would.  So, after lots of talking and pondering and discussion as a family, we took him out, found him a new school that he absolutely loves (that Lilah is also attending this year) and even kept him home  another year instead of doing K last year (he has a summer birthday, and I love that the principal of his school actually encourages it - no "rushing" the academia and let them be a kid for another year!).  That, obviously, put moving plans on hold. Well, more like came to a screeching halt and didn't need to even be considered any longer.  The upside is we're in a house we love (of course there are things we'd change - there always are....we've lived in enough homes by now to know this!) and can stay for a good, long time.  It has gone up in value, which many people these days can't say, and it fits our family beautifully.  So, all good things.

That being said, we're a busy family.  Derrick has a new job even closer to home now that he loves, I've taken on training hours at our CrossFit box and ....we're expecting a third child!  And there have been changes around the house.  My studio has moved yet again (and will likely eventually go away - just want to spend my free time with my family and not tucked away in a room sewing for hours on end!), the old studio is a kids playroom now, the basement drywall is completely finished and painted and lots of other progress.  Now that we've lived in this house for 5 years with 2 small kids and 4 pets (down to 2 now - that was another change, we lost our sweet Zoe) has taken it's toll on the house.  The paint was the cheapest contractor flat paint you can get, so there are little finger marks everywhere.  The entire family room/foyer needs to be painted, as well as the master bath/bed.  The kids rooms have since been repainted, and I have plans for redecorating the family room as well.  I really need an updated "to-do" list, and maybe that should be my next post.

I'll get around to (slowly) showing you all of the changes.  I never did get a chance to get into much initially, anyway, so much of it will be "new" to readers, anyway!


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