Wednesday, April 4, 2012

lilah's room

Well before we knew we had a bun in the oven, I knew one of the rooms I wanted to tackle next (well.....let's be honest, I pretty much have a standing list of every room in the house right now) was Lilah's room.  But hers was a high priority because she never really "had" a room.  I mean, we had a physical space in the house dedicated to her, but for the longest time it was more of a "storage" room. Bags and bags of donated clothes we received for her, smaller sizes of cloth dipes as she moved out of those, etc.  She never slept in there, because she spent her smallest days in our room with us, and then started sleeping with big bro in his room (he has a full bed and the two of them are pretty great buds).  Now that we know we have a bun in the oven (um, unexpected surprise!) I'm even more motivated to finish it because we've decided that whatever the little bean ends up being (boy or girl), we'll have them bunk up with the same-sex sibling (well, eventually, after time in our room, of course!).  So, both kids' rooms had plans to get changed up a bit, but since nothing had been done to Lilah's, well, it needed to be thought of from the beginning.

When I tried to come up with ideas for it, I wanted something fun and bright and not typically "girly".  All that really meant to me was not screaming bubble gum pink or purple.  I don't mind those colors, but definitely did not want them to be the highlight of the room, and I really wanted something a bit more sophisticated and less.....stereotypical.

So, I started pinning ideas on Pinterest, and that definitely had some ideas rolling:

Found via Pinterest, unsure of original source.

From here, via Pinterest.

I loved these top two rooms for the bold use of color and atypical girl rooms (i.e., no pink or purple walls).    One thing I tried to keep in mind, though was the cost, and I knew that we had a green comforter that would already fit the bed we had in the space (a queen) and wanted to see if I could find something fun that would work.  I started finding cool combos of coral and green, and here was one of my faves:

From here via Pinterest.

I didn't love the idea of the entire room painted that color, but did love the combo.  The search continued.  

While the overall theme of this room below isn't bright, per se, I love how the bright pops of color add the overall feeling to the neutral tones.  And what a great base for a room, really.  SO easy to change out to a boy's room, a guest room, etc.  Granted, it's not expensive or hard to paint a room, but having a nice neutral base is always nice.  While I loved this room and the gray, in particular, I decided against it because it is actually very similar to the gray we've chosen to use in the basement as well as Noah's room (and more on his room soon). 

From here, via Pinterest.

So, I loved the coral and green and gray.....where to turn next?  

I kept seeing these color palettes that people had put together themselves - whether it be on mood boards they had created or from other sites.  One that kept jumping out at me was Design Seeds.  Every day, they have new posts of photos with the colors pulled out individually and put together in a palette that  Beautifully.  Examples:

So, I spent some time on there trying to find combos with the colors I had mentioned (coral, gray and green) and found this:  

I was sold!!!  The comforter we have has a lot of lime-green in it, the coral was a tad different, but I liked it, and they gray was there, along with a very, very subtle lavender-gray that I loved!  So, now I had my palette, but needed to apply it to the room.  Here's what I decided on:
  • dark purple - small nightstand next to her bed (was bought unfinished, whitewashed, and could seriously use another coat of something
  • coral - garage sale dresser
  • gray - neutral for the room
  • lime green - bedding
  • lavendar-gray - it was a subtle-enough purple for the walls for me.  As long as it was *very* subtle.  

Stay tuned for how I've changed the room since then!  How about you?  Where do you get your color inspiration from?


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