Wednesday, April 11, 2012

more paint colors

In the basement floor reveal, I showed quite a few pics of the walls as they exist today.

As I mentioned back in the basement update post, we're going to be putting board and batten in.  So, we chose to paint the top of the wall the blue color, and the bottom will be a glossy white with the board and batten. 

This post shows the length of the large room.  The sole window is to the left and there is a bit of a bump-out to the right as well (the wall immediately to the right houses the stairs, so there is a door on the far side which accesses under the stairs and the mechanicals room for additional storage.  You might be wondering why the far wall is all white.  Such HUGE plans for that wall!  I can't wait to share - but that's for another post.

So, what are the colors?

As I mentioned in the update post, the tile was scrapped.  We had originally found this tile on clearance at Lowe's and jumped at it.  Fortunately, returns to any of the large hardware stores are simple, so once we had decided on painting the floor, we simply returned the tile for a store credit (a store credit never goes to waste in this house).

The colors are all Benjamin Moore.  From left to right they are Stonington Gray (wall color in the bathroom), Newburyport Blue (going to be an accent color), and finally, Santorini Blue. which is the colors on the wall.  It's actually funny - I wasn't sure what I wanted for the basement, and happened upon these colors after I visited a Benjamin Moore store for chips because I really wanted to see the color in person that Young House Love had used to paint the back of their built-ins.  While there, Noah started picking out colors for his room, and that lead me to these colors. The connection will make more sense when I show you what we painted Noah's room.  :-)

I love these colors, and think the Santorini Blue does a good job of adding lots of color that will look great with the board and batten but doesn't make the room feel heavy and dark.  And we have plans to brighten things up a bit as well with pops of color.  I will admit that right now it does feel a bit stark and clinical down there, but we have plans to address that as well.  We've already added two rugs to the space - an 8'x11' (which was supposed to be a 9'x12' but they sent the wrong size) sisal rug from Overstock for the office, and the identical rug in the living/tv space in the 9'x12' size.  They add a nice element of natural texture and soften up the space, and there are plans for more, a couple of which I'm hoping to be able to show you very soon.  One project is already underway, and the second needs a bit more traction.

Considering that Derrick did almost all this work himself (plus my dad and brothers on occasional family visits) we're just excited to be in the homestretch. Derrick did all the electrical, low voltage wiring, then we hung all the drywall (and his mom helped with the ceiling), hired out for the taping/mudding) and then primed and painted ourselves, and of course did the floors ourselves.  We really are starting to realize how close we are to finishing (well, let's not talk about the bathroom - ha!) and it's really exciting!


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