Monday, April 16, 2012

the never ending list

I have so many irons in the fire right now, and not just in the world of home improvement, that I thought it might be a good time to create a to-do list for myself, at least as far as the house/blog are concerned so that I can start to tackle things in a prioritized order and not lose sight of some things.  I realize you haven't even seen pictures of some of these rooms, but no fear - we'll eventually get to all of them.

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Basement Main

  • possibly get more bookcases to go floor to ceiling
  • paint back of bookcases
  • wall treatment around bookcases
  • touch up paint
  • board and batten
  • light fixtures
  • arrange furniture
  • cover all the boxes

Basement Bath

  • build vanity
  • get new sink
  • purchase/order tile for shower
  • decide on the accent tile & floor tile
  • install ejector pump
  • install toilet
  • install sink and faucet
  • touch up paint
  • hang shower rod and curtain
  • get rug and towels

Family Room

  • choose new paint color
  • fix corner pieces
  • paint
  • paint back of bookshelves
  • re-hang curtain rod
  • decide on shades?
  • diy new curtains
  • new mirror above fireplace
  • declutter the bookshelves
  • more feng shui furniture placement?
  • remove items from tops of bookcases/leave empty or find replacements?

Master Bed/Bath

  • choose new paint color
  • paint
  • update bedding?
  • stencil treatment on headboard wall?
  • window treatment
  • new artwork?
  • move furniture around - one dresser to closet, move armoire to corner
  • add mirror and chair
  • new light fixture


  • touch up paint
  • finish artwork/frames project
  • make bench for under window
  • cushion for bench and add other textiles
  • new light fixture


  • paint
  • bamboo roman shades for windows in there
  • so many other ideas - but these are on backburner for now, right hubby?  :-)

Lilah's Room

  • new headboard for queen bed
  • eventually possibly build a twin for her room to increase size of room - move queen to spare
  • finish diy artwork
  • finish ombre dresser (need to repaint drawer fronts)
  • paint nightstand
  • curtains (I spotted a fabric I love)

Noah's Room

  • diy artwork
  • curtains?
  • some beanbag seating for playroom?
By no means is this list considered complete - I'm sure there are items I already intend that I've forgotten or left off.  But it's a good starting point, especially when we honestly have SO many things going on at once.  

How about you - do you have a similar list for your place or just a nice small list?  


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