Friday, April 6, 2012

ombre dresser

A while back I purchased a dresser for Lilah's room (she had no furniture in her room but a bed and a nightstand) at a garage sale for $50.  It was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but it was solid wood, so substantial and heavy, and in excellent condition.

I knew the gold knobs would have to go, but outside of that it was perfect.  Only downside?  Lilah is 2, and has no hope of reaching the top drawers any time soon, but she also has ample room in her closet we can utilize in the meantime (I really like to encourage my kids to dress themselves as soon as they are able, put away their clothes after I've folded, etc.).  

I had every intention of leaving it as-is, until I found inspiration....where else?  Pinterest.

From here, via Pinterest.

This was the first one I found that caught my eye.  But there are sooooo many others.  A simple search for "ombre dresser" on Pinterest yields a bunch of results, many of which are repins of the above, and then this is another one I happened upon:

Okay, not a dresser, but much more in line of what I was thinking for her room.  Based on the color palette I had already come up with, I knew I wanted to do it with the coral-like color.

I left the outside as is - it was already a nice creamy ivory color and I liked the way the colors I chose worked with it.

Here's a mid-progress pic:

Stay tuned for the finished project!  How about you?  Anyone out there do an ombre project?  


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